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Welcome to MyPawsOn – an exciting new site for dog owners is an exciting new social network website for dogs, their  owners and owners of dog friendly businesses. The site is developed by dog lovers for dog lovers, and is jam packed full of useful features, including a dog friendly business directory, a dog walks directory, and a forum, where you can chat to the doggy community.

Joining up is really easy. Just register and then create a profile, or ‘Pawsonality’, for your four-legged friend. You can create a scrapbook of your favourite photos to share on our paws pic page for others to see. You can check out other dogs’ profiles in the Pawsonalities section of the site, and search for other dogs by breed and area.

If you own a dog friendly business and would like to register it on just click the link at the top of the page and complete your information. It’s a great way to promote your business and let everyone know that you are pro pooches!


Find dog friendly businesses

The Paws Friendly page provides you with all the tools you need to plan holidays with your pooch, or look for dog-friendly businesses and services in your local area. You can find and recommend dog-friendly accommodation, vets, dog walkers, kennels, dog groomers, dog-friendly pubs and much more.


Share great dog walk routes

If you’re looking for somewhere different to take your dog for a walk, you can use the Paws Walks page to search by area, and terrain. You can add your own walks to via your dog’s profile or review existing walks and add photos.


Help support Dogs Trust

Everytime you add a walk to the website, will donate £1 to Dogs Trust so start adding your favourite dog walks to help dogs in need. We also donate to Dogs Trust when you sign up to our most popular and premium business listings.


Ask questions and share tips

Paws Thoughts is our blog page, where we post interesting news and articles about all things dog-related, and if you’ve got any questions or information you’d like to share with other dog owners then visit the Paws Chat page, where you can post questions and discussion topics and comment on other people’s posts.

Win the Golden Paw Award or vote for Dog of the Month

Every month the dog who has reviewed the most dog friendly businesses or added the most walks will win the Golden Paw Award and receive a doggy bag of goodies. So start reviewing your favourite dog friendly pubs, accommodation, groomers, vets, dog walkers etc for a chance to win.

You can comment on all the shared pictures on the Paws Pics page and vote for your favourite by clicking on the dogs name. The picture with the most votes each month will win dog of the month and the winner will receive a fun-packed doggy bag.

If you like the website, please tell your friends so they can come and have a sniff around.