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The Dog Friendly Businesses page provides you with all the tools you need to plan holidays with your pooch, or look for dog-friendly businesses and services in your local area.

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If you’re looking for somewhere different to take your dog for a walk, you can use the Dog Walks page to search by area, and terrain. You can add your own walks via your dog’s profile or review existing walks and add photos.

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Read our blog, where we post interesting news and articles about all things dog-related. If you’ve got any questions or information you’d like to share with other dog owners then visit the Forum.

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Our digestive systems are very different to our canine friends. Many foods that are harmless to us are poisonous to our dogs. You should never feed chocolate to dogs as it contains a toxic ingredient called theobromine. It has no negative effects on our own bodies, but even a small amount can make a dog […]

What can dogs not eat? The top 10 toxic foods

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When we’re chowing down on our favourite foods, those big doughy eyes can be hard to resist. Let’s face it, we love spoiling our pups! But while many of us are guilty of sharing our lunch with Fido, you might want to think twice in the future. Many human foods are unhealthy for dogs, and […]

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Pet parents usually recognise kennel cough when their dog has a raspy, hacking cough. It is a canine respiratory infection that affects the upper respiratory tract, the wind pipe and the voice box. Although it can sound worrisome, it’s not usually a serious condition and will clear up on its own in a few weeks. […]

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