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5 low exercise dog breeds for busy families

Are you desperate to own a dog but can’t commit to multiple hour long walks every day?

Well you’re in luck! Not all breeds are equal when it comes to their exercise needs. There are plenty of coach potatoes in the dog world that are more than happy with a couple of 30-minute strolls around the block.

Discover 5 low exercise dog breeds that will fit into your family life.

When choosing a dog for your family, as well as considering the look and personality of a breed, you also need to have a long hard think about their energy levels. And most importantly, whether you can meet the exercise needs of that dog.

Because there’s no such thing as a maintenance-free dog. All dogs need a certain level of care and attention to ensure they stay happy and healthy. And a daily walk is a must for any dog. But if you only have an hour or so a day to commit to walking Fido, these low exercise dogs are perfect for you.

5 low exercise dogs for busy families

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers are easy going and affectionate little dogs that happily adapt to their owner’s lifestyle. They’re incredibly devoted companions and are most content snuggled up next to their people or another dog.

Cavaliers need around an hour of exercise a day, which is best split into two walks. These baby-faced pups also appreciate time off-lead. So a trip to a secure dog park once a day would be ideal.


Because greyhounds have been bred to race, people often believe they’re high energy dogs. But that’s not the case at all. They are really low exercise dogs. In fact, sleeping is their favourite pastime and they can often be found snoozing on the couch for 20+ hours a day.

Greyhounds are incredibly adaptable. They’re happy enough with a walk and a little time off lead to blow off steam. Or tagging alongside their owner as a jogging buddy. Regardless of their size, they’re equally suited to apartment living, or with a big garden in the countryside.

The Greyhound Trust is always looking for good homes, so why not consider re-homing one.


Pug’s thrive on human companionship and are more than happy being a classic lap dog. They don’t require lots of exercise and are quite satisfied with two 20-minute walks a day.

Because pugs are classed as a brachycephalic breed, its important owners keep a close eye to make sure they’re breathing easily. Due to their short noses, pugs can tire and overheat quickly. So if you do want to take them on longer walks, it’s important you build up their stamina gradually.


Chihuahuas may be small and considered the ultimate lap dog, but they still need daily exercise. A 20-30-minute stroll a day will happily suit this spritely pup. Chihuahuas are intelligent and will quickly pick up training and tricks. They’re also bold explorers by nature, but equally love to be by their owner’s side.


Dachshunds can be lively and playful around the home, but are happy enough in an apartment with no garden. They enjoy going on walks and need around an hour of exercise a day. Dachshunds are intelligent little dogs with an independent spirit and tend to bond closely to one person in the home.

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