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How to avoid dog obesity

It is important for your pooch’s health to avoid dog obesity. Dog obesity is a growing problem worldwide. Just like with humans, there are 2 main contributing factors. Diet and exercise. This article will look at how to avoid dog obesity and ways to get your dog more active.

avoid dog obesity


Obesity can shorten your dogs life

There is a growing epidemic in the UK of obesity in pets with eighty percent of vets reporting seeing an increase in obese pets and treating obesity related illnesses in the last few years.

Obesity related illnesses have a seriously damaging effect on the health and anticipated lifespan of your dog.

Obesity related conditions include :

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart disease

These conditions are largely preventable and every dog owner can take very simple steps to make sure that their dog is happy and healthy.

How to tell if your dog is obese

Many dog owners are unsure if their dog is classed as obese. A simple guide is that you should be able to feel and see their ribs when they are lying down without a covering of excess fat and be able to feel and see their waist when viewed from above. If you are unsure, make an appointment with a veterinary professional to assess your dog’s health.


How to avoid dog obesity

Diet control

Family pets especially dogs are often seen as fully fledged members of the family unit and treated accordingly but this can often be to their detriment.

Dog owners often wrongly assume that their canine companions crave the same food as they do and offer treats such as crisps, cheese and table scraps but what we see as treats are often the exact opposite!

Look at the many healthy dog food options on the market to find the best food for your dog.

Make sure you stick to the recommended feeding guide and control the portion sizes.

Think about swapping snacks and treats to more health options for your dog. Many dogs will enjoy a carrot as much as a dog biscuit. Or, why not make your own dog treats. See our healthy dog treat recipes for some ideas.

Feeding an appropriate diet and regular exercise are the most important things for your dog and this will make for a happy pup – dogs are not natural couch potatoes and enjoy exercise. It is often owners that are to blame for a lack of it.

health dog snack
Dog enjoying a carrot as a healthy treat


Walking your dog daily for at least 30 minutes to an hour is important. Not only is it great exercise, but also a fantastic way to bond. Additionally, it can curb other boredom related ‘bad behaviours’ by providing mental stimulation and social time.

If you have a dog that can be let off leash make sure that the place you choose allows this and is not too near to roads or train tracks. Why not take a nylon bone or frisbee for a game of catch to really liven up the walk?

Try teaming up your dog’s walk with others. Playing with other dogs burns off extra calories.

Not all dogs walk obediently to heel. As a result this can often make walking your dog a headache rather than a pleasure. Consequently, you may not walk your dog as much as they need for a healthy life style. The addition of a dog head collar, or dog handling collar could revolutionise yours and your pets leisure time!

dog exercise
Dog enjoying a run have been looking at solutions to stop your dog pulling. Read on for more information about Gencon head collars and how they can help.


Gencon head-collars

Gencon have developed the dog head collar with hard to handle dogs in mind, this collar will make control of your dog easier without causing him any harm.

Gencon’s dog handling collars come in a variety of colours. They are available in a left or right handed version with or without a lead.

Gencons are one of the simplest and most effective head collars available on the market. They are gentle on the dog and very effective, which is proving popular with Pet Owners, Dog Kennels, Trainers, Behaviourists, Dog Clubs and Vets alike. In fact, the Kennel Club Team GB Agility have announced New 3 Year Sponsorship Deal with Gencon to run between 2015 and 2017.

gencon headcollar

Why not have a look at the Gencon website and see the range available.




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