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5 low exercise dog breeds for busy families

Are you desperate to own a dog but can’t commit to multiple hour long walks every day?

Well you’re in luck! Not all breeds are equal when it comes to their exercise needs. There are plenty of coach potatoes in the dog world that are more than happy with a couple of 30-minute strolls around the block.

Discover 5 low exercise dog breeds that will fit into your family life.

When choosing a dog for your family, as well as considering the look and personality of a breed, you also need to have a long hard think about their energy levels. And most importantly, whether you can meet the exercise needs of that dog.

Because there’s no such thing as a maintenance-free dog. All dogs need a certain level of care and attention to ensure they stay happy and healthy. And a daily walk is a must for any dog. But if you only have an hour or so a day to commit to walking Fido, these low exercise dogs are perfect for you.

5 low exercise dogs for busy families


Top tips to protect your car from muddy paws this autumn

Autumn is the perfect season to spend time with your dog outdoors. It’s not too hot and not too cold. But with the occasional heavy downpour, muddy paws are inevitable. So, what do you do when you and your mucky pup are heading home in the car after a peaceful woodland walk?

You may not want muddy paw prints all over your back seat. Luckily, we have a few top tips to help you swerve that mess without fuss.

muddy paws


3 autumnal dog treat recipes

Autumn is the perfect time of year to get crafty in the kitchen and fill the home with delicious scents. And what better way to show your pooch just how much they mean to you, than with their very own homemade dog treats.

Our dog treat recipes use the iconic fruits of the season, to make the most of those tasty autumnal flavours. These dog treat recipes will be sure to leave your dog drooling and their tail wagging.

3 autumnal dog treat recipes


Puppy crying at night – How to help pup settle

Puppies don’t like being left alone. Especially when they’ve been taken away from their family to a new and unfamiliar environment. It takes time for pup to get used to the smells, sights and noises of their new home. Your puppy won’t feel safe and secure right away, so you’ll need a little patience.

Puppies cry out of instinct. It’s a natural response to get attention when they feel vulnerable and in danger. But owners often find the cries difficult to ignore. Our human nature wants to soothe them and make sure they’re ok. But this can start a vicious cycle. One where the puppy cries, you give attention, you then leave them alone and they start crying again.

Here are our top tips to stop puppy crying at night.

puppy crying at night


10 dog breeds that don’t shed – dogs large and small

Do you know which dog breeds don’t shed hair ?

Low shedding or hypoallergenic dogs are more popular than ever. Although all dogs shed to some degree, some lose such a miniscule amount, it’s almost impossible to tell.

Whether you’re an allergy sufferer or just want to keep the fluff at bay, there’s a dog for everyone. Because let’s face it, dog hair gets everywhere! But with this list of dog breeds that don’t shed, you can keep your clothes, furniture and carpets fuzz free.

10 dog breeds that don't shed



Why is chocolate bad for dogs?

Our digestive systems are very different to our canine friends. Many foods that are harmless to us are poisonous to our dogs.

You should never feed chocolate to dogs as it contains a toxic ingredient called theobromine. It has no negative effects on our own bodies, but even a small amount can make a dog sick and can even be fatal.

Dark chocolate contains the highest levels of theobromine, but high traces are still found in milk chocolate too. So if you want your dog to join you in a tasty treat, stick to suitable fruits and vegetables like carrots, apples, blueberries or pears.

why is chocolate bad for dogs


What can dogs not eat? The top 10 toxic foods

When we’re chowing down on our favourite foods, those big doughy eyes can be hard to resist. Let’s face it, we love spoiling our pups!

But while many of us are guilty of sharing our lunch with Fido, you might want to think twice in the future. Many human foods are unhealthy for dogs, and some are even toxic. Here is a selection of foods you should never feed your dog.

what can dogs not eat


What is kennel cough? Symptoms and treatment

Pet parents usually recognise kennel cough when their dog has a raspy, hacking cough. It is a canine respiratory infection that affects the upper respiratory tract, the wind pipe and the voice box.

Although it can sound worrisome, it’s not usually a serious condition and will clear up on its own in a few weeks.

Kennel cough can be brought on by a range of bacteria and viruses, in the same way humans can catch the common cold. It’s highly contagious and is more common during the summer months.

what is kennel cough



What does a tick look like on a dog?

Ticks are spider-like creepy crawlies that suck on the blood of other animals. Many of us find them repulsive, but it’s a good idea to know what they look like in case you or your dog is bitten. Especially during these summer months when we’re often out exploring tick-rich woodland.

Ticks aren’t always easy to spot and are sometimes mistaken for lumps or skin tags. But it’s important to remove them quickly as they can pass on diseases and make your dog unwell.

what does a tick look like on a dog



Why do dogs pant? And when is it cause for concern?

Temperatures are on the rise, which only means one thing for our furry friends – more panting. Panting is perfectly normal dog behaviour, but why do dogs pant and when is it abnormal?