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Dog charity events

South Wales Dog and Family Fun Day 2016

The South Wales Dog and Family Fun Day 2016 promises to be Wales’s must go to family event of the year, held on Bank Holiday Monday 30th May 2016 at Fonmon Castle Show Ground.


Sponsor a guide dog

guide dogs

Who isn’t impressed at the work the Guide Dogs do and how they improve and change the lives of their owners. would like to introduce you to 3 beautiful new puppies who are undertaking training to be guide dogs and available to SPONSOR. (more…)

Paws Spooktacular

Our spooktacular sponsored dog walk is taking place on Saturday 31st October at the beautiful Heaton Park in Manchester.


Smokey Paws helps save dogs lives in fires

Smokey Paws is a not-for-profit organisation run by a husband and wife team and has set itself the huge task of equipping every fire engine in the UK with pet oxygen masks. And if successful, the initiative will help to save the lives of hundreds of animals each year. thinks this is a really worthwhile cause and wants to help raise awareness and support, so please share this article and if you can, please donate. Heaven forbid, but it could be your dog trapped in a house fire.


Join the GBGW Walk 2015

The Great British Greyhound Walk is an annual dog-walking event that brings together greyhounds, lurchers, other sighthounds and their owners to raise awareness of the breeds and show the public just what wonderful pets they make.  Become a part of the Great British Greyhound Walk family, join in the fun and help us beat previous years totals and promote greyhounds and all other sighthounds.


Handy Danny Dog’s Service

I have a passion for all animals but I have an infinity for dogs. In my relatively short lifetime I have owned numerous fantastic dogs, of all breeds, sizes and personality’s. Each one I have had a unique bond with and endless comments about their loving nature, calm temperament, obvious happiness and clear obedience. I believe there is something inherent within me, along with a lot of research and experience, which makes me understand dogs and so I would like to share my talent with other local people.


Bowood charity dog show

The 10th and Final Bowood Charity Dog Show & Summer Fair
Sunday 21st June 2015, 10am to 5pm



Award winning actress Gillian Wright, who plays ‘Jean Slater’ in BBC’s Eastenders, will be rewarding dogs of all breeds and sizes next month when she hands out the prizes to winners at Dogs’ Day Out 2015 on Sunday April 19th.


The Great British Greyhound Walk 2014 – York


The Great British Greyhound Walk is an annual dog-walking event that brings together greyhounds, lurchers, whippets, salukis  and other sighthounds and their owners, to raise awareness and show members of the public just what wonderful pets greyhounds make.


The Great British Greyhound Walk 2014

The Great British Greyhound Walk 2014 is an annual large-scale dog walking event that aims to raise the profile of rescued and retired (ex racing) greyhounds, whippets, lurchers and other sight hounds, showing members of the public what wonderful companions these dogs make.