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Hydrotherapy for dogs

This article explores hydrotherapy for dogs. We explain what hydrotherapy is and how it could help your dog recover from injury or illness.

hydrotherapy for dogs


Why do dogs chase their tails?

Ever wondered why do dogs chase their tails ?

Dogs are a constant source of amusement. There are few things goofier and more adorable than when our dogs spin around in pursuit of their own tail.

But why do they do it? Although tail chasing is often in good fun, there are many possible reasons why your dog might chase their tail, and it’s not always a laughing matter.

Here are a few reasons why dogs chase their tails.

puppy dog chasing its own tail
Border Collie puppy dog chasing its own tail


Helping Dogs with IVDD become “Jail Free”

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), is a degenerative disease that affects countless breeds at various ages and activity levels.

Read the story of Jeter and how he was helped by a Wiggleless back brace to become “Jail Free”.

helping dogs with IVDD


Avoid dog obesity

Dog obesity is a growing problem worldwide. Just like with humans, there are 2 main contributing factors. Diet and exercise. This article will look at how to avoid dog obesity and ways to get your dog more active.

avoid dog obesity



Tips to keep dogs cool

We know this is Britain so the term “summer” can be misleading, but with the warmer weather upon us wants to share our top tips to keep dogs cool through the next few months.

Are YOU and YOUR dog ready for summer ?

We have some creative tips to keep dogs cool. Along with some tried and tested advice.

tips to keep dogs cool


Say NO to the Pinch

Please have a look at the website and sign up to demand that the sale and use of these barbaric collars is made ILLEGAL in the UK


Could your dog help save another dog’s life ?

Pet Blood BankUntil recently I was unaware that dogs could give blood so I was extremely interested when one of our Pawsonalities told us that he had been a doggy blood donor for the Pet Blood Bank UK.