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Dog health guide

Tips to keep dogs cool

We know this is Britain so the term “summer” can be misleading, but with the warmer weather upon us wants to share our top tips to keep dogs cool through the next few months.

Are YOU and YOUR dog ready for summer ?

We have some creative tips to keep dogs cool. Along with some tried and tested advice.

tips to keep dogs cool


Pet Blood Bank – what is it and how could your dog help

What do you know about Pet Blood Bank ?

Until recently I was unaware that dogs could give blood. So I was extremely interested when one of our dog members told us that he had been a doggy blood donor for the Pet Blood Bank UK.

In may 2019 they successfully launched a new mobile service to reach even more canine donors across the UK.

Could your dog help save another dog’s life by giving blood ? Read on to find out what Pet Blood Bank is all about and meet a Golden Retriever that is a donor.

Pet Blood Bank