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Why do dogs roll in fox poo?

Ever wondered why dogs roll in fox poo?

Our cheeky pooches often like to eat and cover themselves in things we humans find repulsive. The joys of being a dog owner, right?

dog rolls in fox poo



A guide to owning a new puppy would like to introduce you to this great guide to owning a new puppy written by Helen Edwards, which is available to read or buy through Amazon. We think it is a really helpful and well written guide for new dog owners.

Helen has given us a short article about what inspired her to write the book and included some great insights into parenting a puppy.

A new puppy guide


Dogs Wearing Yellow = Dogs Need Space

Do you know why dogs wear yellow ?

We came across Yellow Dog UK recently: a fantastic campaign whose aim is to help educate dog owners and the public to recognise that some dogs “need space”.

It is hoped that dogs wearing Yellow will become a recognised symbol and bring awareness for dogs who need space while training, recovering from surgery, or being rehabilitated.

This noble goal is achieved through snazzy yellow accessories for the dogs who need a bit of extra space, like the jacket and lead modelled below by Bella.

Why dogs wear yellow (more…)

Reading with dogs

How Reading to Dogs Helps Kids’ Literacy in America

By Ali Thompson

Reading to dogs

Reading is a crucial skill to success in school—and ultimately in life. When children are late in learning to read, it can set back their entire educational path.

To help strengthen literacy skills, many schools and after school programs have found a creative way to encourage kids to practice reading: They bring in dogs.


10 things to know when buying Pet Insurance is pleased to share an article with you to help with choosing pet insurance.

My name is Sally Hayward.   I am the owner of a website called an independent non-commercial website – The Pet Insurance Guide 2016 – which was recently featured on BBC1’s Rip Off Britain programme.



Your dog going missing has got to be every owners nightmare. Make sure your dog can be identified so you can be reunited if this ever happens. would like to share this article by Pets Bureau to help raise awareness about ID tags. Have a read and visit their website for more information


Dogs travelling Abroad

When your dog is your best friend, it stands to reason that you want him to accompany you everywhere, even abroad. After all, leaving your pet behind is likely to be stressful for both of you. So what are your options?


Doggy Facts

Dogs are capable of understanding up to 250 words and gestures, can count up to five and can perform simple mathematical calculations. The average dog is as intelligent as a two-year-old child.


Most popular dog names in 2013

Naming a puppy has changed over the years and choices have become much more stylish. Gone are the days of Rover and Butch which were popular in the 1970’s.