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Guide to owning a new puppy – What you need to know

Bringing up a new puppy can be hard. would like to introduce you to this great guide to owning a new puppy written by Helen Edwards. It is available to read or buy through Amazon. We think it is a really helpful and well written guide for new dog owners.

Helen has given us a short article about what inspired her to write the book and included some great insights into parenting a puppy.

A new puppy guide


Why dogs wear yellow

Do you know why dogs wear yellow ?

Basically, dogs who wear yellow need space from other dogs and people. It is a warning not to approach.

We came across Yellow Dog UK recently. This is a fantastic campaign whose aim is to help educate dog owners and the public to recognise that some dogs “need space”.

It is hoped that dogs wearing Yellow will become a recognised symbol and bring awareness for dogs who need space while training, recovering from surgery, or being rehabilitated. Eventually, everyone will know why dogs wear yellow.

This noble goal is achieved through snazzy yellow accessories for the dogs who need a bit of extra space. For example, the jacket and lead modelled below by Bella.

Why dogs wear yellow (more…)

Reading to dogs helps children learn to read better

How Reading to Dogs Helps Child Literacy in America

By Ali Thompson

Reading to dogs

Reading is a crucial skill to success in school—and ultimately in life. When children are late in learning to read, it can set back their entire educational path.

To help strengthen literacy skills, many schools and after school programs have found a creative way to encourage kids to practice reading. They bring in dogs. Quite simply, reading to dogs helps children learn to read better.


UK wedding dog sitter services

There are now a growing number of UK wedding dog sitter services. Who wouldn’t want to involve their pooch on that special day ?

Dogs are important members of the family and many owners want them with them on their special day. spoke to one of the companies providing UK wedding dog sitter services to find out what it’s all about.


uk wedding dog sitter services



National Dog Biscuit Day

Did you know there is a National Dog Biscuit Day ?

We’re sure this will be an important date for your dog. Even highlighted on your dog’s calendar. However, it was news to us and we thought it might be news to you too !!!

In honour of National Dog Biscuit day we have gathered together some interesting facts about dog biscuits.

Oh and we are including some homemade recipes for your pooch to enjoy.

national dog biscuit day



Do dogs understand words ? And how many can they learn ?

Dogs do respond to what we say. So, on that basis, it is safe to assume that dogs do understand words that humans use. However, it is not as simple as that, because they additionally rely on their other senses to understand what we want them to do. There are also more comlex issues around body language, tone of voice and repetative actions that make us believe they are listening to our every word.


dog listening



Tips to keep dogs cool

We know this is Britain so the term “summer” can be misleading, but with the warmer weather upon us wants to share our top tips to keep dogs cool through the next few months.

Are YOU and YOUR dog ready for summer ?

We have some creative tips to keep dogs cool. Along with some tried and tested advice.

tips to keep dogs cool


Pet Blood Bank – what is it and how could your dog help

What do you know about Pet Blood Bank ?

Until recently I was unaware that dogs could give blood. So I was extremely interested when one of our dog members told us that he had been a doggy blood donor for the Pet Blood Bank UK.

In may 2019 they successfully launched a new mobile service to reach even more canine donors across the UK.

Could your dog help save another dog’s life by giving blood ? Read on to find out what Pet Blood Bank is all about and meet a Golden Retriever that is a donor.

Pet Blood Bank


Good Citizen Dog Scheme – dog training programme

Organised by The Kennel Club, the Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the UK’s principal and most recognised dog training programme. Celebrating over 25 years of dog training it boasts over half a million dogs that have completed the programme.  The Scheme is open to all dogs, regardless of breed, age or ability.

Why not put your pooch through the Good Citizen Dog Scheme. Read on to find out more …

good citizen dog scheme