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Dog Friendly Beaches

Summer is made for strolling along the beach, having picnics and going for lovely walks with your family and your faithful canine companion in tow. Dogs just love going to the beach and certainly enjoy the chance of an ice cream to round the day off.

Finding the best places to go with your dog when you are on holiday can be difficult but can help. Register with us today to gain access to our full list of dog friendly places that you can visit during your holidays, or all year round.

You never know, you might find a great new walk near you that you have never tried before.

Whitsand Bay: A beautiful stretch of beach with lovely, seemingly untouched sand, and open all year round, Whitsand Bay is a great place to spend the day on a picnic or visit in the evening for a peaceful walk on the beach or wade through the water with your dog. Located in South-East Cornwall, the beautiful scenery edged by high cliffs is sure to take your breath away.

Bamburgh Castle: The magnificent castle located in Bamburgh is a must visit attraction. Whether you want to visit and explore the castle itself or go for a long walk along the edge of the water. It’s great for dogs as they have a wide expanse of sand and ground to run in. The beach is one of the finest beaches in the coast of Northumberland and you will be glad that you took the time to visit, for it is sure to be a memorable experience.


Alnmouth Beach: Just a few miles from Bambrugh castle is Alnmouth beach which is a stunningly beautiful white sandy beach with lots of space for your four legged friend to run about and take a dip. Parking is cheap and access to the beach is easy.

West Wittering Beach: Listed as one of the top 15 beaches in the UK this beautiful beach located in Chichester is fully accessible to dogs between the months of September and May. However, some areas of the beach is closed to dogs during the summer months. Filled with wildlife, and birds, with its long stretch of greenery and sandy areas by the water, it has a little bit of everything is a great place to spend the day picnicking with your family, going for walks or playing a game of fetch with your dog.

Balmeadie Beach: Just a few miles further north than Aberdeen this has got to be one of the most amazing beaches in the Scotland. With miles of natural sand dunes to roam through, as well as a long expanse of brilliantly white sandy beach, this is a place of outstanding beauty. Access to the beach is tucked away in the tiny village of Balmeadie but there is ample parking and it is well worh a visit. Some wooden paths do run down to the beach but it is not suitable for wheelchair access. Dogs just love it here and there usually a few to pal up with.

We have tried to give you as much information as possible regarding our recommended walks, but please check locally for any seasonal restrictions etc.