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Dog walks near Edinburgh

There are so many fantastic dog walks near Edinburgh that you can set out on. Whether you want to stay in the city, or are happy to explore a little further afield, there are some exciting routes you and your four-legged friend can enjoy.

Princes Street Gardens

This is a lovely walk for you and your dog, right in the heart of the city. The stunning, landscaped gardens make the perfect place for a short walk and a picnic. The paths zigzag below the castle with lots of monuments to gaze at as you wander.

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Holyrood Park to Arthur’s Seat

The walk up to Arthur’s Seat through Holyrood Park is beautiful, and you get some of the best views of the city from the top. The route starts just minutes from Princes Street and takes you right up the extinct volcano.

You can take a short, 15 minute stroll through the park, or enjoy the steep climb right to the top.

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Holyrood Park dog walks near Edinburgh

Portobello Beach

Portobello Beach is very dog friendly. Get some sand between your paws and take a stroll along the 2 miles of uninterrupted coast. There are plenty of cafes and shops to enjoy on the promenade and in Portobello town too.

Just north of Edinburgh, with regular busses and roadside parking, Portobello beach is a real must for your trip.

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Binn to Kinghorn Lock

This route is splendid and will tire out even the most energetic dog. It’s on the other side of the water to Edinburgh city, but it is well worth the drive. With steep climbs and magnificent views, you’re able to safely let your dog off the lead in parts as there are no sheep or cattle to worry about. Refreshments are available along the routes and you can park for free.

Depending on your choice of route, this walk is between 1 and 4 miles.

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Carlton Hill

As part of the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is one of the most photographed spots in Edinburgh. Wander around the incomplete, yet really impressive, monument started in 1816 to that was supposed to be a replica of the Parthenon in Athens but, sadly, the funds ran out before completion. You’re far enough away from main roads that it’s safe to let your dog off the lead too.

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Edinburgh Castle and woodland to walk a dog in

Explore the old town

You don’t need to seek green spaces to enjoy a walk in Edinburgh. Walking through the old town uncovers just as many wonders and keeps four-legged friends happy. The medieval heart of the city is full of interesting architecture and twisting roads, climbs and steps – plenty to keep you and your dog occupied.

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Union canal towpath

Union canal is a lovely walk that you and your pooch can enjoy. The canal walk beings at Edinburgh Quay. It covers 32 miles of waterways, aqueducts, tunnels and bridges, but you can choose to stroll as much or as little of it as you like. Escape the city for a while and enjoy a wander by the water.

Hermitage of Braid and Blackford Hill

There’s a stunning circular walk you can take around the Hermitage of Braid and Blackford Hill. Not far from the city, you can enjoy the changing terrain as you walk by the river, through the woodland, and enjoy the spectacular views from the hilltop. The area is steeped in history, lots of which you can see and interact with as you walk.

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Craiglockhart Hills

Edinburgh is famously surrounded by seven hills which all offer incredible dog walking routes and amazing views over the city. Craiglockhart is one of the lesser known hills and we’re not sure why – it’s delightful. There’s a boating pond and wonderful summits to climb that keeps you and your dog entertained for hours.

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These are just a few of our favourite dog walks near Edinburgh; there are hundreds for you to choose from. If you have any favourite walks you discover during your stay, upload them to MyPawsOn for other dog lovers to enjoy!