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Millers Dale, Chelmorton and Chee Dale

Monsal trail.jpg
SK17 8SN
Limestone Way England SK17 8SN GB

Start at Millers Dale Station car park, with the Monsal Trail to your right walk out to the Wormhill road and turn right before dropping to the road. You turn right and cross over the river, continue up the road until you reach Long Lane.

When you meet the road out of Blackwell, keep walking, then make a right into Priestcliff Lane until you get the main A6, you will see the Waterloo Hotel opposite. Cross the road and stay left of the building. Continue to a gate, after a right hand bend. Follow this track around to the left. Use the gate to the left which takes you to Sough Lane/Moor lane and then to the Taddington Road.

Turn right at the road and continue to the sign post for the Pennine Bridleway, turning right into Pillwell Lane. Soon you will see a bridleway to the left. Follow the walled path to Chee Dale, which is signposted through a gate as the track descends.

Descend into Chee Dale and turn right just after it, then left onto a tarmac path.
Cross the A6, follow the lane off to the right then take another lane off to the left which will take you into Chee Dale. This will lead to a gate, close to the A6, that will lead to Chee Dale Nature Reserve to the right.

Descending towards the Monsal Trail you will come out at a former railway bridge that crosses the trail. Cross over the bridge and turn left and left again to get onto the trail. Follow the trail until you reach a footbridge that will lead you back over the River Wye. Crossing the footbridge you continue along the Dale, alongside the river.

Ascending out of the dale and cross a bridge that will bring you out to fields near the river. Follow to a footbridge and cross to the left across the field back to the Monsal Trail following back again to Miller’s Dale station.

1 to 4 mile walk
Peak District
Pushchair/ Wheelchair Accessible
Lead Restrictions
Seasonal Restrictions
Refreshments Available
W/C Available
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