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The Lost Land of Lyonesse

Lands end.jpg
TR19 7AA
South West Coast Path England TR19 7AA GB

From the car park, pass the visitor centre and the toilets, taking the left path beyond to pick up the South West Coast Path. Turn left to follow the Coast Path southwards, past the animal centre and craft workshops. Then, it travels behind a series of small coves until it comes to Mill Bay. Along the edge of the cliff, it continues to Lower Bosistow Cliff, where a path heads away to your left, just before the Coast Path drops to the valley. Turn left onto this path and follow it inland, to where another path joins from below.

Go left and follow the footpath straight across the field to the far corner. Continue along the right hedge of the next field, to carry on ahead through the third. Turn right at the far side of this field and follow the hedge to the top left corner. From here a path leads around the right-hand side of the first buildings at Trevilley.
After the track curves to the right, go through the farmyard on your left and into the left-hand field, to follow the path alongside the hedge, carrying straight ahead to pass between the houses to the road at Trevescan.

Turn left along the road, past the cafe and walk to the A30.
Cross the road, take the footpath opposite, along the drive to Treeve Moor House. Follow to the right of the house, heading to the far corner. Cutting across the right-hand corner of the next field, continue straight ahead across the one beyond, carrying on alongside the fence and onto the drive.
At the junction, walk past the cottages on your left, to Maria’s Lane, beyond the cycle path. Turn left, heading downhill. At the right bend, take the National Trust path on the left and follow it to the Coast Path.
Finally, turn left on the Coast Path, following it along Mayon Cliff and then Trevescan Cliff, back to Land’s End.

4 to 7 mile walk
Land's End
Pushchair/ Wheelchair Accessible
Lead Restrictions
Seasonal Restrictions
Refreshments Available
W/C Available
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