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Here at MyPawsOn we celebrate the dogs as well as their pawrents. Perhaps even more so! Which is why we invite you to share your dog’s loveable antics with the world.

Add your favourite pics and tell us about your beloved furry friend. We want to see those pups!

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Dog of the Month - April

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Loves cucumber, apple, salmon, chicken and ham, his mini pack buddy my little girl who was born in 2013, responds only to Yorkshire accents and words such as “ey up lad” and is the most loya[…]
Sherburn in Elmet
Just SOME of the dogs into 100’s I own ,workwith ,know .
Kelis relaxing in front garden QLD 18.05.19.jpg
Kelis is a rescue GSD. i don’t know her history other than she was in a poor state when I adopted her back in 2012. She has a strong character and can be a bit bossy . She loves people[…]
Loves to Run with other Dogs
Lily is a rescue pup from Leeds dog trust. Happy dog, loves people and some dogs but not all.
Lovely, lively, licky little dog. Likes us humans and likes to play with other dogs but we always get a wide birth due to their reputation but we honestly wouldn’t swap her, she is definetly[…]
Elgin, Moray
Very friendly, lovable rogue
Albert is a Labrador Springer Spaniel cross – a Springador. He’s naturally full of energy and loves playing constantly.
Big, Friendly Giant! Loves children and other dogs.
Hey there i’m Oaty, I may not have 101 spots but I make up for it with my 101 talents.
Gia is the dog model for Handfree Safety Wrist Straps for Retractable Dog Leads Available at
Faye is a beautiful girl who loves to sunbath in the summer and make snow angels in the winter.
Scottish Terrier.jpg
Hi i’m Jock, I am an old man in a 5 year old (dog years) body. If I could sleep all day by the fire I would. I love slippers too… biting them, not wearing them.
Nelly is a strong independent working cocker who don’t need no man. Which can make it difficult when her brother Reuben loves to be her shadow. She is a brilliant big sister and certai[…]
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