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Border Collie

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Pepper is a Romanian rescue dog who loves balls, walks, rains, puddles, goats ears, pretty cats, chewing, more chewing, running with her ears flapping in the breeze and farting… she lo[…]
I am ZaktheCollieDog an ethical brand from the Lake District that creates gifts to make you woof! Follow my adventures & be inspired! My gifts raise money for The Border Collie Trust &am[…]
Theo 25.jpg
Theo is a crazy, loving, hyperactive (nearly) 2 year old Border Collie. Iv had him since he was 4 months, and he is the apple of my eye. I guess im what some people would call a typical R[…]
St Helens
BirthdaylunchOtomi (19).JPG
Cosmo is a street dog from Mexico, now living in England, and working as a PAT dog. He’s as fast as a bullett, soppy in the home and very loving. He has Kate Middelton eyes, thick blac[…]
Blue is a Parsons Jack Russell cross Border Collie. He is such a friendly and lovable dog and always getting into mischief! He absolutely loves water but hates baths…. Loves to play w[…]
A wonderful Blue Merle puppy. Photography of Blue taken by myself on a Nikon D3200. Known well on instagram and facebook. Both under the name of bluejasperbc
Lola loves cuddles especially with her best friend baby 2 year old Sebastian. She loves to play and is always eager to please but she will not sleep with out her blanket and her favorite rop[…]
Sheba is a beautiful fun, loving, crazy dog with and amazing personality. She loves her SQUEAKY tennis ball, long walks on the beach and the odd game of hide & seek! She adores all human[…]
He’s a big softy, absolutely loves toys. He goes in a sulk if you ever take them off him. He’s a bit of a scaredy cat, little nervous but loves people. He loves his cuddles and a[…]
Cameo is a border collie cross labrador, she is 7 years old this year, she loves nothing more then hanging around with her doggie friends
I am jade…jadey dog to my owners, I prefer to sleep on settee with my mam than in my basket! I have two one down stairs and one upstairs but still like the bed better! I luv hugs, turk[…]
Bob is a wonderful dog. He has gained his stud book number while being shown in breed. He has got a second place in Novice obedience (open show) and he herds our sheep. He also goes to g[…]
He is a big old friendly lad, a rescue dog from Mid-Wales. He is a friend to everyone and according to him everyone should be his friend. He spends most of his time digging up rocks (he is v[…]
Burton On Trent
20140306_205101 2.jpg
He is a well travelled boy – born in Queensland Australia, moved to Melbourne and then came with us back to UK. Being a collie stumpy cross he has border colouring, no tail (which we h[…]
Woodford Halse
Rhys says thanks to the lufurrly people who voted him Dog of the Month! He loved his box of treats and toys, see photo, thanks to xx
Blue loves long walks. He gives me lots of hugs and kisses and follows me every where! He is such a friendly and lovable dog and always getting into mischief! He absolutely loves water but […]
Max is a rescue bc who was abused but slowly & surely he is comming around to accepting being around people again!! Max is the typical black&white with medium lengh fur. Max loves ru[…]
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