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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Large type cav being typical of breeds nature. Friendly, sociable etc.
Dog enjoying the seaside at Warren Beach Resort poster.jpg
Jonty the Office Dog is head of Customer Service at Hazelwood Holiday Park in Dawlish Warren, South Devon. When he’s not working he enjoys long walks on the dog friendly Warren Beach. […]
Dawlish Warren
Max is a Cavachon, which is a mixed breed Bichon Fris/King Charles Cavalier. He is crazy and mischievous but very loving.
Poppy is very loving and happy. she adores my children and her Brother Henry she has lots of energy .
wa5 2nu
Henry is 3 years old and loves his walks He also loves his sleep. Hes a very loving dog.
wa5 2nu
Ivy is an extremely gorgeous pup who is spoilt rotten! She has an older brother (Stanley a 3 legged ginger tom cat) and a little sister (Darcy a naughty little tortie) Both of which she love[…]
Crazy, petite little pooch with serious identity issues (thinks she’s a cat!) and a heart of gold. She’s my best friend 🙂
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