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Cocker Spaniel

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Monty is a Friendly, lovably Chocolate puppy
India is a WCS, she is tiny and very beautiful, she thinks she’s a human baby and demands picking up if we are standing. She’s very well behaved and loves other dogs. She will be[…]
Milo is a Cocker Spaniel who is full of energy but will soon collapse into his bed after a long walk.
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Rogue is a lovable English Cocker Spaniel. He is my constant companion and friend.
A beautiful black, working cocker spaniel – so glad we found him; a lovely boy! Larger than most spaniels and mostly more placid than some spaniel breeds, we think this is partly due t[…]
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Marley is a chocolate brown working Cocker Spaniel. He has a sister Sooty. Sooty is 3 months younger. They both have the same Dad and both Mum’s and the Dad live with the same breeder.
Jazz is a young Cocker Spaniel bitch, she loves playing with her toys and long walks. Jazz loves cuddles and attention and trains well
Burnham on Crouch
Hattie is a Cockapoo pup and lives with our family of 2 young children aged 5 and 6 in Southsea. Mum is a shift worker, so is home a lot during the week – and is hoping to find lots o[…]
Rosey is a chocolate working cocker spaniel! I got her in my last year of uni and we have been together ever since! I love her to bits and would love to use her mad energy and channel it int[…]
He is a feisty little lad who looks after his little brother a Golden retriever very well He loves to eat and play.
Pearl Is a real tomboy she likes nothing more than water the muddier the better 🙂 But when is comes to being groomed she’s a real baby and runs and hides. Like all spaniels she has a v[…]
Tommie is now 4 years old he love water and lots of cuddles
Poppy the Cockapoo is a lively little bundle of fur from Harrogate. She loves a cuddle, walks and trips to the butchers!
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