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Big, Friendly Giant! Loves children and other dogs.
Luna is a gentle, breed-typical greyhound who loves people, dogs and food. She is happy to go with the flow but loves nothing better than a long nap somewhere comfy!
With owner in ireland.png
Nidge is our Creative Art Director for our business Lovehounds and she is a rescue ex racing greyhound. she is a cheeky wee wiry magpie who keeps us on our toes. The most loveable playful gr[…]
Forres Scotland
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Ace is our Head of Security for our business Lovehounds along with Nidge. Ace is a rescue ex racing greyhound and he chose us when he was 6. he is a very big lad but is the most gentle, lov[…]
Forres Scotland
we have 2 greyhounds pete and pidgeon both ex racers and retired to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Shetland isles
Dennis is a 15 and a half year old lurcher who was rescued by the RSPCA at the age of 6 months after being abandoned with a horrific leg injury and in very poor condition, he had around 10 […]
West Midlands
JJ is a lovely black boy who is still learning about life outside the racing industry! He is very lively with us, likes to play with his stuffed octopus & adores any fuss you can give hi[…]
Noah is a very placid, good natured boy, who loves his biscuits & his bed. His favourite place to visit is the beach at Fraisthorpe, where he loves to run & sunbathe, he’s not […]
First anniversary in his forever home. Big, gentle fella, brilliant nature, also the biggest wuss on 4 legs; frightened of the cats, loves small dogs and children. Wants nothing more than […]
Whaley Bridge
She is a rescued Lurcher, a Greyhound – Saluki. Short haired, big pawed, curly tailed, overly friendly and very, very fast – half mile of open beach is her favourite place, as lo[…]
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