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Jack Russell Terrier

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He’s lively, fun and my best friend.
Carly was adopted from P.A.W.S
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Our Buster is a black white cross breed, he’s lively, happy and with the bark you’d think had come from a dog three times his size! He barks at our office postie, but with a wagg[…]
Lola is a friendly, chilled out dog. Who loves attention and to get her belly rubbed!
He’s very small and very sweet, has two other dogs around and can be mischievous! All in a great companion.
Darcey is the sweetest, liveliest jrt I have ever known. She is kind natured, loves cuddles and licks a lot! Darceys favourite you is a tennis ball and will play for hours with it! Darcey lo[…]
Daft as a brush, Tilly is my best friend. She’s also my co worker as I run a dog walking business and she helps with socialising puppies and gets to have lots of fun with many friends.
Melton Mowbray
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Eddie is a Jack Russell/Yorkie cross. Lives with “people” Mum and Dad and brother
St Osyth
Meg was a rescue dog who is thought to have come off the Irish ferry. We had her when she was around one year old. As a result of tail docking that was too short she has an extra vertebrae[…]
Pebbles is a JRT Chi cross, who was 18mths old when I adopted her from @NWDogRescue She is a little girl, who does have some issues with men, but otherwise is ve[…]
Nell is a JRT corgi cross, who I rehomed in January 2013. She was very nervous and had had 6 homes before coming to me at 2 and a half years of age. She has grown in confidence, however we[…]
Cosmopolitan Pup – The “hairy son”, loves people & travel PETS passport holder with lots of stamps and loves dog firendly pupbs, hotels & cafes!
George is a Parsons Terrier He is cute and a Terrier. He is full of live and a Terrior!!! He is a Terrier !!!!
The cutest, friendliest pooch ever, is 100% part of our family, she is kind, loving, very cute and we love her lots and lots
He is a Jack Russell cross with a chihuahua as his father therefore a Jackahuaua. His temperament is extremely friendly with no hint of aggression. All he wants to do is play with a ball or[…]
Candy is a livewire. A huge bundle of energy packed into a small body, verging on hyperactive at times! She loves chasing after HER ball when going for walks but becomes very easily distra[…]
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