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Patterdale Terrier

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Our Buster is a black white cross breed, he’s lively, happy and with the bark you’d think had come from a dog three times his size! He barks at our office postie, but with a wagg[…]
Ginger is a rescue dog and we took her when she was a year old. We are so lucky to have her. She has the sweetest nature and is very loving. We don’t have children in the home, but […]
Rufus is terrier through & through, he’s actually a mix of Patterdale & Cairn, we think!! He’s loud, bolshy & loves to have attention & the last word!! He also ha[…]
Sparkie has Diabetes and has gone blind
A sweet natured, loveable lady of leisure with a terrier streak when a squirrel comes within 10 yards of her. Her favourite past-time is to go for long walks in the forest or on the beach wi[…]
North Yorkshire
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