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Chilli is a small Rottie x GSD. She has a keen personality and loves life! She came to us when she was 2 years old, re-homed from a lady who sadly did not have enough time for her despite lo[…]
Rescue, ex BYB dog, very timid, lack of confidence, but after a lot of hard work she’s showing us just how much love she has to give. Loves other animals including her three feline siblings.
Alfie is a character, high energy, loving,daft and very very clever. He also has a few doggy issues but we have been working on this and he is improving!
Holly, is 7 months old and a little scamp! Loves nothing more than destroying rose bushes and digging up the garden! Shes a friendly dog who wants to make friends with anyone and surprises t[…]
Chapel en le Frith
This boy is a Rottie cross. He is a magnificent red colour with long legs and a friendly face. Loves a ball game but don’t expect him to let go when he brings the ball to you. He is go[…]
A rescue Rottie called Oliver as he was an orphan. Dodgy hips and elbows but a loveable bear
Rescued from the pound 3 years ago. Madam of the house but helps raise our foster pups 😀
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