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Barney Rubble


Barney Rubble was found wandering the streets of Preston aged around 9 months. He was starving, full of fleas, had a bad case of flea allergy dermatitis and was infected with the Parvo virus. He is a tough little cookie and with a lot of care and attention from his wonderful rescuers, and expert medical treatment he recovered. I took him in initially as a foster but I couldnt help falling in love with him. He is such a sweet loving boy with a fantastic gentle and friendly temperament. He loves all people. He is super intelligent and worldly wise. He isnt keen on other dogs having been goaded as a puppy and obviously trained to be dog aggressive which is a real shame, but he is still a very special little fella and I love him to bits. His most endearing physical features are his upstanding ears (an undesirable breed trait ) which look gorgeous to me x

9 years 2 months
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