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Lizzy is a 8+ oldie with a lot of energy. She may be small but she lives with a pack of big dogs and thinks she is one of them. She is a fiesty little soul and does so well for her age. My nan rescued her back in 2011 from an old lady who had to go in to an old peoples home. She was allowed to keep lizzy, but made the decision to find her a new home as she thought it was selfish as she didnt have a garden or anything. I went up to visit lizzy with my nan, and lizzy took a liking to me straight away. She was zooming round my feet and i was playing chase with her. We fell in love instantly. Lizzys old owner looked at me with tears in her eyes and said she’s never played like that with anybody before. She begged us to take her there and then. While we got lizzys stuff ready she took her for one last walk. Lizzy did not want to come with us and it was heart breaking to take her away from her life time partner. My nan kept in contact with lizzys previous owner for a long time, but sadly her owner stopped contacting. Lizzy took a while to settle in with nan, but loves kids so with there being me (19) and my brother and sister (16 and 13) she took a liking to us all straight away and wanted to play with us all the time. Sadly last year my nan passed away, so lizzy came to live with us. This gives us a total of 4 dogs. Liz settled in straight away with us so we could not rehome her. It is a handful with four dogs but not a struggle as we love every single of of them! Lizzy is living her old days getting pampers, spoilt rotten and play time every hour! She again is so fast for an old dog ( approx. 10 years old) and is doing very well for her age.

St Helens
14 years 0 months
  • charlieboy
    Did you make those big foot prints ?
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