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51 Kingfisher Drive Saint Helens WA11 9YQ GB

Theo is a crazy, loving, hyperactive (nearly) 2 year old Border Collie. Iv had him since he was 4 months, and he is the apple of my eye.
I guess im what some people would call a typical “crazy dog lady” but i dont see it that way, i love Theo and i want him to have the best i can give him in life 🙂
He currently lives with me, my parents, and my dads guide dog (a Golden Retriever called Byron), and my partner (who has happily taken on the ‘doggy daddy’ role) is here at weekends.
Theo loves playtime, food, walks, food, running on the field on his 100ft lead, food, the window cleaner, food, oven gloves, and lots of affection.
He doesnt like postmen, people who come past the house, noise, singing, dancing, wet wipes, grooming, barking or when people move their feet
Theo is currently in training classes, especially around his sociallisation, because he’s very reactive to other dogs and people, but he’s come really far, and is a wonderful young dog

St Helens
5 years 4 months
Blue Merle and White
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  • Kate16
    Wet ? Me - No !
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  • Kate16
    What a great face x
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