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How often do you bath your dog ?

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    My dog does not shed hair, so I do take him to the groomers every couple of months for a bath and a hair cut. However, although he smells fantastic for the first week he then smells very “doggy” until the next time.
    He wont actually get in the bath (HATES IT !!!) but he will get in she shower with me (Sounds weird, but when he has rolled in mud puddles this is the only thing to do with him)
    People say that bathing can remove the natural oils so you shouldn’t bath a dog too often.
    What do others think ?



    If I can brush and comb the mud out when dry, I only bath when they really muddy as I don’t think it dose there coats much good keep bathing



    Once a month is decent for baths. You don’t want to dry out his skin. I groomed at a place and dogs would always come in with super dry skin and it was because the owners would give baths between visits. If you don’t like the way your dog smells, they sell dog cologne and perfume so you could spray that on him if you really can’t take it.



    It is advised that you do not bath ur dog any more than once every 3 weeks or month as otherwise it reduces the natural oils whiich can cause skin problems however a good alternative ,if ur dog is like mine and enjoys muddy puddles try brushing it out or if it’s pretty bad try dog body wipes which are basically dog friendly wet wipes

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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