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waxy ears

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    My dog has waxy ears. It’s not just a wet wax, but also a dry flacky
    wax. We use ear cleanser and the wipe with warm cotton wool pads, but
    its not that effective. Does anyone have a tried and tested solution to
    help ?



    My spaniel gets waxy ears. If it is really dark smelly wax it could be ear mites. I use a product called “clearit”. It is a powder that you just sprinkle it (a couple of times a day for a week and then just once a week). It really helps.



    We use “Thornit”. This is also a powder that you put a small pinch in dogs ears and then rub them for a minute. Smells a bit medicated but we have found it to be really effective and less messy than drops and the dog likes it much better. My dog groomer recommended it and you can get a small bottle from Amazon for about £7, but it lasts ages.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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