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Gift ideas for dog lovers are delighted to introduce you to House of Henry and their beautiful range of gift ideas for dog lovers. Read on to discover more about House of Henry and get some ideas for winter grooming too.

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Launched in June 2017, House of Henry creates personalised, contemporary yet fun designs aimed at the dog lovers of the UK.

After falling head over heels in love with their (now 18 month old) Cockapoo puppy Henry, its founders Alison and Jason were inspired to put their skills together to create a range of dog related products all in one place.

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After almost 20 years in the advertising, marketing and design industry with most of those spent running her own freelance business, graphic designer Alison chose the products with much consideration and thought. Her partner Jason has more than two decades in the design industry also, from a more production based background, so the combination of skills has resulted in the wide range of products you see in the store.

Everything is created by hand individually for each customer, House of Henry prides itself on its friendly and approachable service. It even offers a gift message service should you suddenly realise you have forgotten a friend’s birthday or can’t give a gift in person. House of Henry will hand write a gift tag for you and post the item straight to its lucky new owner.

In addition to their classic collections of personalised bags, framed fabrics, grooming products, home décor, bandanas, prints and toys, House of Henry has designed some Christmas themed items to suit even the trickiest of people to buy for.

Order by 17th December to ensure your products are designed, created and sent in time for Christmas.

Explore the website for more details :


Online retailer House of Henry has teamed up with Turner & Pooch grooming salon to bring you some great advice to guide you and your dog through the winter months. It’s a tricky time of year for our four-legged friends, with hazards around every corner from grit on the paths to our central heating at home. Here are some top tips to help you…

  1. It’s vital to keep your dog’s coat in good condition throughout the winter as the wet weather leads to matting which can pull on the skin and be painful for dogs. It’s also essential to keep on top of the hygiene side of grooming such as ear cleaning and nail clipping.
  2. Exposure to grit on the paths and roads can be the cause of sore pads. After each walk, always wash your dog’s paws in luke warm water, paying particular attention to between the toes and pads. Don’t allow your dog to lick their paws if they have salt on them, the chemicals can make your dog quite poorly if swallowed.
  3. Central heating can dry out your dog’s coat, so keep to a regular grooming schedule to keep the coat moisturised. The coat will still shed in a warm environment indoors so keep up with the brushing.
  4. If your dog’s coat continually matts, consider clipping the coat shorter. Winter dog walks can be wet and muddy, so pop him/her in a suitable coat to protect them a little more.
  5. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that it’s too cold for fleas, they can still survive in the right environment, so keep up with that flea treatment regime!
  6. Sore pads can be treated with specific dog products. Smear it on their pads then pop some baby socks over their feet to protect your furnishings. After an hour or so, take the socks off to reveal new soft toes!
  7. If it snows, by all means let your dog have a play outside in it, but not too long. Make sure you remove any snow stuck to their paws, legs and undercarriage when they come back indoors and check for snow or foreign objects between the toes/pads.

winter dog grooming

To keep your pooch in tip top condition, House of Henry has plenty of grooming products available in their online store. From natural mineral shampoos and conditioners, to personalised towels and aprons, and cosy personalised blankets to wrap them up after a long walk. Take a look yourself ……