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National Dog Biscuit Day

Did you know there is a National Dog Biscuit Day ?

We’re sure this will be an important date for your dog. Even highlighted on your dog’s calendar. However, it was news to us and we thought it might be news to you too !!!

In honour of National Dog Biscuit day we have gathered together some interesting facts about dog biscuits.

Oh and we are including some homemade recipes for your pooch to enjoy.

national dog biscuit day


National Dog biscuit day

National dog biscuit day is a celebration once a year in February. It is also known as national dog biscuit appreciation day. However, it probably comes every day for a lot of dogs. However, a day to treat your hound with shop bought or homemade dog biscuits is not to be sniffed at.

Biscuits for dogs was a clever marketing idea and it is huge business in today’s pet industry. National dog biscuit day is a bit like valentines day for dogs – an opportunity to show your pooch you love them.

The history of dog biscuits

Dog treats and biscuits are a lot more exciting than they used to be. Previously dogs would only get leftover food scraps, bones or mouldy bread.

Then along came a revolutionary idea to create biscuits especially for dogs. It’s a clear sign of how people view their pets as family members and want to spoil them with treats.

Signs of the first basic dog biscuit appeared around the mid 1800’s. Then, in 1908, the F. H. Bennett Biscuit Company of New York began developing a commercial hard-baked bone-shaped biscuit. Comprising of various minerals, cow’s milk and meat products these are commonly known as  Milkbones.

Another American, James Sprat, began producing “Spratts biscuits” in London using a secret recipe including both meat and vegetables. Watching hungry stray dogs devouring ships biscuits gave him the idea.

Biscuits, biscuits everywhere

Today there is an extensive range to choose from. With healthy, dental friendly, vegetarian and vitamin rich options your dog has a massive choice.

A rising number of dog bakeries are delivering all sorts of tasty home-made treats. You can even  specially commission biscuits and “pup cakes” to celebrate your dog’s birthday.

Try your local pet shop for different varieties to treat your dog with. You will normally find a good range to choose from and it is good to support independent businesses.

In addition to the traditional Bonio, Shapes and Gravy Bones, you will find a selection of interesting treats on all the supermarket shelves. Waitrose and Pets at home both offer a selection of specialist dog biscuits. You can even arrange home delivery.


dog biscuits

Dog biscuit recipes

In the spirit of National Dog Biscuit Day, has been trying out some tasty home-made recipes. We have had a little help from our resident taster and these have all got a “paws up”.

If your dog loves biscuits they will love you for making these tasty treats and they won’t judge the results.

Valentine heart sandwich

A tasty recipe for your pooch with strawberries and cream cheese.


Canine carrot crunchy biscuits

Try this recipe healthier version of a snack to tempt your four-legged friend.


Peanut butter dog biscuits

These delicious treats are almost good enough to try yourself. Your dog will love them.

Share your favourite dog biscuit recipes

If you have a good recipe you would like to share with us, please drop us a line at


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