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Puppy crying at night – How to help pup settle

Puppies don’t like being left alone. Especially when they’ve been taken away from their family to a new and unfamiliar environment. It takes time for pup to get used to the smells, sights and noises of their new home. Your puppy won’t feel safe and secure right away, so you’ll need a little patience.

Puppies cry out of instinct. It’s a natural response to get attention when they feel vulnerable and in danger. But owners often find the cries difficult to ignore. Our human nature wants to soothe them and make sure they’re ok. But this can start a vicious cycle. One where the puppy cries, you give attention, you then leave them alone and they start crying again.

Here are our top tips to stop puppy crying at night.

puppy crying at night

Important notes

Always respond to your puppy if they’re crying for a valid reason. Never ignore them if they’re crying to go to the toilet, or if they have other basic needs like food or water. Young puppies have tiny bladders and will need to be taken out every 2-3 hours throughout the night.

Never leave your puppy for several hours on their own straight away, thinking they will eventually tire themselves out. Get them used to being left alone gradually.

Create a cosy den

Puppies often feel safer in smaller spaces rather than out in the open in a big dark room. Provide a crate for your puppy so they feel safe and protected. Put a comfy bed inside and cover the crate with an old blanket. Just make sure the front of the crate is uncovered so puppy can see out. A crate is also useful during the toilet training process.

Breeders often supply a small blanket with their mother’s scent on. If you have one, be sure to put it in the crate as this will provide comfort to your puppy.

Keep pup near you

Your puppy will be scared to be alone, so keeping them next to you initially can help ease the transition. For the first night, put the crate next to your bed where puppy can see you. Then each night, move the crate one step closer to the door. Then move the crate out of the room, so eventually they’re where you want their bed to be. This gradual approach is a much gentler way of getting your puppy used to sleeping alone at night.

puppy comforts

Provide comforts

If you don’t want your puppy in your room at all, you should try to make the room they’re in less intimidating. Leave a night light on so they don’t feel so alone in the dark. If you don’t have a night light, you could try a low-lit lamp or a hallway light.

Your puppy will be used to having the sounds of people, their mother and siblings around since the moment they were born. Silence can be scary. Try leaving the radio or TV on low to give your puppy some comforting sounds at night. This will really help ease your puppy crying at night.

If your puppy continues to cry throughout the night, only check on them every couple of hours when you take them for a toilet break. Try not to pander to them while doing so. Take your puppy straight outside and put them back in their crate when they’ve done their business. Make sure they have everything they need and head off back to bed. A little tough love and you should see a difference in a few days.

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