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Top tips to protect your car from muddy paws this autumn

Autumn is the perfect season to spend time with your dog outdoors. It’s not too hot and not too cold. But with the occasional heavy downpour, muddy paws are inevitable. So, what do you do when you and your mucky pup are heading home in the car after a peaceful woodland walk?

You may not want muddy paw prints all over your back seat. Luckily, we have a few top tips to help you swerve that mess without fuss.

muddy paws

Pack a towel

It seems obvious, but a simple cotton towel can work wonders to remove the bulk of mud from your mucky pooch. Simply rub your dog down, getting in between the paw pads to soak up any mess. A towel is easily forgotten when you’re clambering out the front door. Always keep one in the boot of your car so you’re not caught out when you need it most.

Doggy wipes

Doggy wipes are great for a quick clean up. Wipe all around your dog’s paws to remove the worst of the dirt, then wipe them dry with a towel. Wipes may be just enough to keep those seats mud-free. But if your dog is particularly muddy, you can give them a full bath at home. You can usually buy dog friendly wipes at your local pet store.

Use a blanket

If you have an old blanket to hand, you can drape this over your entire back seat. Clean off the worst of the mud with a towel, and the blanket should do the rest. Then when you’re home, you can pull it out, pop it in the washing machine and go again next time.

Get a car seat cover

If you want a more robust solution, there are plenty of options you can buy online. For larger dogs there are covers available that will protect the entire back seat.

For smaller dogs, you can buy a small seat cover with sides to keep the mess at bay. They usually come with a seatbelt to keep your dog safe while travelling. Shop-bought seat covers are often padded for extra comfort, and are wipeable to make cleaning a breeze.

Use booties

Booties are a great option to keep your dog’s paws clean while out and about. Not all dogs will tolerate booties. If your pooch seems anxious or refuses to wear them, it’s important not to push it. Choose another option to keep your car protected.

Use a paw plunger

These days there are various solutions to help clean muddy paws on the go. With this portable dog cleaner, you fill the container with water, insert the muddy paw and let the water and rubber bristles go to work. Just make sure you remember to take a bottle of water with you.

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