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Travelling to Brighton with a Dog

Brighton has been named one of the most dog friendly places in all of Britain, so if you are planning a holiday and you want to bring your precious pooch along, this is definitely a destination where you will be able to enjoy the much-needed getaway together. This thriving city offers plenty for humans to do, but there are also ample opportunities for dogs to have a little bit of fun, too. From dog friendly venues to various open spaces where they can run and play while getting some sunshine and fresh air, Brighton has a lot to offer dog owners and their pets.

Continue reading to learn about some of the best places in Brighton where you can enjoy yourself with your beloved furry companion.

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Dog Friendly Accommodation

While you can certainly check out the resources on the Dog Friendly Hotels by MyPawsOn page, below is a list of just a few of the many pet friendly hotels that are located throughout Brighton so you never have to worry about leaving your dog at home when you need to go away on a business trip or for a holiday.

The Oriental: Located a mere 50 metres from the beach, this boutique guesthouse is a great choice if you want to spend time on the sand with your dog. It also features a really neat cocktail bar so you can mingle with other guests and meet new people.

Amblecliff: If you’re looking for a truly unique place to stay that’s also centrally located, check out the Amblecliff, which is a Victorian bed and breakfast. It has lavish, clean rooms that are beautifully decorated for comfort and aesthetics.

Paskins Town House: This town house hotel isn’t only pet friendly, but also environmentally friendly. If you want to stay at a place where you can rest assured the staff does everything possible to reduce their negative impact upon the environment, this is the ideal spot.

Barcelo Old Ship Hotel: Located on the seafront in Brighton, this hotel is situated perfectly for outdoor fun. It’s also known for its rich history and for having a lot of character, which can’t be said about a lot of today’s modern hotels.

Thistle Brighton: If you’re in search of luxury accommodation, look into the Thistle Brighton, which also has a great location, as it backs onto the well-known Lanes. Rooms also have gorgeous views of the sea.

Dog Friendly Outdoor Spaces

In addition to the many pet friendly hotels throughout Brighton, another reason that this city is so popular amongst dog owners is the abundance of green, open spaces that are perfect for enjoying time outside and getting active with your pet. In fact, there are a total of 98 gardens and parks that provide tranquillity and calm, which is the perfect antidote to the bustle of city life.

Explore these green spaces with your dog wherever permitted. Just remember to bring along extra bags to pick up after your dog and keep these areas as clean as possible for other visitors and their pets.

Parks and Gardens: Some of the well-known dog friendly parks and gardens in Brighton include Stanmer Woods and Park, which features great walking paths amidst unforgettably beautiful scenery, Sheepcote Valley and Southwick Hill, which both offer incredible views, Withdean Park, St. Nicholas Rest Garden, Preston Park, Green Ridge, and Hove Park, which is a local favourite amongst dogs and their owners.

Beaches: If you want to take your dog onto the beach, just be sure it’s between the months of November and April, as this is the only time you’re permitted to do so. And, of course, pick up after your dog to keep the beaches clean. Some of the many dog friendly beaches include those located between the Volks Railway Aquarium station and the west wall of Brighton Marina, as well as the beach that’s located opposite to Berridale/Welbeck Avenue all the way to the end of the Lagoon.

Dog Friendly Eateries

While walking your dog through Brighton, you may want to stop and get a quick bite to eat or a cup of coffee. Thankfully, there are various bars and cafes that are pet friendly, especially right along the beach, where the scenery is perfect for taking time to relax.

Some of the popular dog friendly locations include Brighton Music Hall, Metrodeco, Pavilion Gardens Café, Yellowave Barefoot Café, Koba Bar and Bistro, and The Windmill Pub, to name just a few.

Brighton really is a dog friendly city that’s an ideal getaway location for those who want to take their pets along for the journey. With so many beautiful and tranquil outdoor spaces to explore together and comfortable hotels to rest every night, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t book your next trip to Brighton and bring your beloved companion.

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