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UK wedding dog sitter services

There are now a growing number of UK wedding dog sitter services. Who wouldn’t want to involve their pooch on that special day ?

Dogs are important members of the family and many owners want them with them on their special day. spoke to one of the companies providing UK wedding dog sitter services to find out what it’s all about.


uk wedding dog sitter services


About the wedding dog sitter service UK

The UK wedding dog sitter provides a unique service can make this a stress free experience for dogs and owners alike.

wedding dog sitter

Caroline Wilson, along with her husband and family run this extremely dog friendly business which was started around 3 years ago. This type of service is quite common abroad but fairly new to the UK. As you would expect it is going from strength to strength with customers booking bespoke dog sitting packages. It’s all about involving their four legged friends in their big day.

The business is based is in South Wales but they are willing to offer the service throughout the UK.

Have a look at their facebook page for more details.

What they offer for you and your dog

dogs at weddingsThey offer a personalised, bespoke, range of wedding day services, centred on your favourite pet. You can choose from a range of options and create a special package that will ensure your dog has a great day at your wedding. The Wedding Dog Sitter will bring your dog along to the wedding and/or the reception and take care of walking and feeding so you can relax and enjoy the day.

Caroline always meets the dogs beforehand to get to know their personalities and to discuss what is required on the big day. You may also choose to have your dog cared for prior to the wedding and afterwards.

The Wedding Dog Sitter can arrange for special informal photo shoots, with you and your guests, so your pooch can be included in the wedding album and they even offer a Honeymoon service to look after your pet at home if you decide to go away for a romantic break.


About the owner – Caroline Wilson

Caroline wilson

When I was about 12 years old I had a job walking neighbours dogs whilst they were at work.  Later in life my husband and I became self-employed in a graphic design business.  Friends and neighbours asked us to watch their dogs, as we were in all day and walking them kept us fit we enjoyed it.  Some were problematic, so for fun we did a dog training course which really helped us and the dogs too.  We progressed from there really. Whilst doing market research, we found that in other countries “weddingdogsitter” service was popular and it combines all the things we love doing.


What the owner says

Owner Caroline says “We are a very experienced dog sitting and walking couple who enjoy caring for and photographing dogs having fun. We love to look after other people’s dogs and treat them as if they were our pets”.

The Wedding Dog Sitters are currently working on a promotional video and plan to introduce new services. For example ways to get the dogs more involved in the service, depending on owner’s requirements. So who knows – if you book this service your dog could end up being a video star.


MUMBLE, Rescue dog to magazine star

Caroline has sent us a great story about Mumble – one of the dogs she looked after at his owners wedding.

rescue dog at wedding

As a rescue dog Mumble had some peculiar habits his owner found. But, through time he was helped to come to overcome most of them.  However, for some reason when more than 3 or 4  people  were in his company and he was being ignored, he had to do his steam train act and chase his tail in excitedly with a great deal of panting. We call it his steam train act, as a perceptive blind friend, said that is what it sounds like.

The problem came when his owners were getting married and wanted him to attend the wedding for the photo shoot.  How would he cope?   I picked him up at his home and did my best to de-stress him at the venue.  He was so happy to see his family at the wedding. Everyone gave him so much attention, that he forgot his steam train act and all went well. We were all so pleased at the way the wedding photos came out we put him in a advert in Tiara Magazine.

So there we go, Mumble, went from being a poor homeless doggie to a magazine star.


Providers of UK wedding dog sitter services

Wedding dog sitter UK

For more information contact Caroline 0748 099 9980 or email-

Woof Woof Weddings

Barking Mad UK

Very Important Pets

What has to say

When you are planning to include your dog on your wedding day you should check with the venue that this will be acceptable. More and more places are becoming dog friendly, but sadly not everywhere is. Have a look at our directory of dog friendly accommodation 

We will spread the word to other dog owners  if you have found a venue where your dog has been made welcome. So please let us know. 

We would also love to see your dog wedding photos – so please contact us at




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